July 2016 Demos

by Basementland

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released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Basementland Columbia, South Carolina

Basementland screeeech aaahhh that's better.

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Track Name: Subatomic Tonic
sorry i didn't save the words. something about bombs
Track Name: Band Names
i’m a slave to the song
it’s shoving me along
i’m a slave to the song
it’s shoving me along
it’s loving you, you’re listening
it’s beginning, but why won’t it stop

the serial killers, the selfies
the skids and the smelt
the sicamores, saraband, and soldier child

the radio waste, the ratchets
the ropers and the rams
the ripple guards, rustica and rare desire

the tactical patches, the telecom
the thrones and the trots
the tapestry, the tapeworms, and terminal kills
Track Name: At Dawn Attack
send me an enemy
caveman slave branded entity
i love the same one her husband does
and i’m the living girl that that dead woman was

i thought of you while falling asleep
dead gloom attack

trying to live for me is all about forgetting
but big mag man makes me give a damn about the ass i am
i only want to breathe a bit and draw on this tree
the writer sells a bitter pill for a rogue disease

my body’s dead all i feel is love
at dawn attack
Track Name: They'll Play
they'll play all night like a broken machine might
then they'll stop at sunrise like it died, then they'll die
they'll light up their shambles with a burning roman candle
then they'll blow it while strangling every hope hangs dangling
i'd run as fast as i could learning all you promised you would
but the thing that confuses me are those you call friends instead of me
while adoring you is work, abhorring you is more work
they'll play
Track Name: Therapist
it’s easy to write, and hard to refrain
it’s easy to type, by tapping your brain
i cannot spot the sunset
complete your couplet
i’ve got work to do

how hard can it be, don’t you argue with me
i promise you dear, there’s no argument here

there’s a lot that i’m not, and at the top of the list
is your therapist

hey james
you’re a palindrome inside
i’m sickly from the ride
but you insist
now take this
it’s a quarter for the queue
can’t make heads or tails of you
i give up

he came at me, in the cover of dark
‘cause there’s no sunshine, not even a spark
he’s 5’ 4”, black hair, cyan eyes, very suave and very pissed
Track Name: Grouse High Kids
sorrowfully he turns
with unqualified concern
they’re knocking me off my feet
they’re leading me down the street
by a cluster of houses
we toughen up for the rain
pretending to understand
we’re anything but the same

grouse high kids
won’t stay down
one black eye
trained on town

tunnels are filled with tears
as another one disappears
tuning the radio
to a blood-filled undertow
why is nobody speaking
my word of mouth prepared
what the world needs now
is emergency declared
Track Name: Mars Creek
i'll wait, keep calm
pull over, stay on the call
tell me the street, and i'll catch up with you
from my bed in room 22
don't turn until you see mars creek
an unlikely tale of geographic desperation
you'd be lost if not for my map
but then you wouldn't have bothered me if i didn't have it either
so we're even

my god you're dense
i hate this conference
but you've seen every sign there
you'd be toast if i didn't care
it's over when you see mars creek
i might fall asleep before you reach your destination
you'd be lost if not for my map
but you wouldn't have pestered me if i didn't have it either
so we're even
Track Name: Wand
would you like to learn some magic
are you ready for real emotional weight
i know, you can’t wait
so i’ll get you at six
and show you some tricks

i control the earthly balance
i was trained to take on a challenge like you
your breath and heart rate
are taking on speed
here’s what you need

your smile is turning upside down
your spell is turning on
i’m only holding your hand
too scared to show my wand

known to wield his healing powers
todd neville’s my one true rival, i cut him down, cast him out
and that’s what you’ll get if you send him a text
Track Name: Step Away
step away
step away from everything

such tiny dreams
swallowing them is easy
give him your freedom
and he’ll be your teacher
he’ll name you, his brand new chestnut
then one day you awaken
and find he is there
the future you envisioned
is still in his care

big swollen heart
nice try to tame the real world
takes only tea time
to see the daylight
your snared by good intentions
won’t tell you why he cancelled
his morning plans
you’re pulling at the answer
climb out of the sand
Track Name: Ghost Tour
lie and say that you know me and it’ll dot your eyes eventually
‘cause there’s a story you can’t see but maybe kindness is the secret key
i’ve the wool to keep you warm and i’m the baa baa sheep inside of the barn
but you’re not first to set foot in my head, and my heart’s cold since the roof caved in
you feel so, so unwelcome, there’s voices
and you are gaining steps that are not yours…

i’m giving a …tour of the house
a ghost tour, like every good host should
a ghost tour, tour of the house
i showed you, where every girl once stood
i’m giving a tour of the house

i pray that this silver blade will kindly escort you on your way
unlike the humble paring knife it can grant you everlasting life
and wireless smart home sound systems for 10 years pumping sonic pressure in
for if the lamp light starts to swirl you’re unlocking the next part of the world
you feel so, so relaxed now
there’s breath mints
and i can see the speckles in your blood
Track Name: Rainbow Crack
like a tack you are on track turn the sand red sandraudiga ready for attack
you bring the thunder to the city, i’m more like baldr than vili
i’m a break this cloud over your head
i’m gonna knock you out

brake, burn, took a wrong turn, met the wrong man, halogaland anybody can
the moon and sunset in the fire, their bodies jumbling together
iron ages, red pages
lost in the library of time

i can tell the will of god by auspices
specialized in birds and raking in the riches
lemme see the twig, divide it into pieces
drop it on the garment, everyone can see it
she was a solar flare, she put a crack in the rainbow
she split it in three, one’s for me, my little spitfire

idunn is ever young, snotra is the clever one, vor better run
you tolerate my flowing hair, my incantations in the air
i’mma break your heart over again i’m gonna break it hard
Track Name: Anderton
I am a cannibal, feeding on human fear
You are accountable, for bringing me here
This tribe of people with
The see through skin and
Murder in their hearts
It shouldn't be hard to
Win their blessing
And investment of their souls

Constable I can't come for you
I can't even move
Constable can you come for me
A meeting of enemies
Anderton, freeze

If sin is a matter of opinion
Then we all deserve to die
Peel back the nation like an onion
It's going to make you cry

Come pass sentence
On my bare-ass menace
My blood and language
Causing pain and anguish
Track Name: Pretty Plasma
pretty plasma
runs around you
going wasted
while you’re empty
on the inside
everything’s dry
but the parchment
tell a story

pretty plasma
in the ways of technology
are strangers after gravy
but humans are hungry for blood

florentina is providing
rosabella throws her hat in
but the blood bank
is corrupted
by foul agents
so destructive
pretty plasma

if we roll on this bad mother
the outcry would say nasty
but humans are hungry for blood

pretty plasma
on the big screen
sons of bitches motion pictures
mean italian
give your life for his battalion

pretty plasma
i’ve fallen in love with you
but the charity needs you too
and humans are hungry for blood
Track Name: Ambulette
i have no car and i can’t park straight
my head is full of dead people
but you need a driver more than you care
you need a survivor and no nine to fiver will take you there

follow the dark turn on the red and blue
our ambulette is all that gets through
if you’re seeing things you know that it’s true

see my first night was back in 08
you’re new in town but you’ve seen the crowds
i need a man who thinks on his feet
who’ll won’t spare the back roads
i’ll teach you the battle code of the street
Track Name: Dun Inlet
know your limits
head over heels injury
harbor radiance
hard as a robbed barkeeper
i’ve been whistling
circuits for bark detection
please indulge me
escort me through the fog
bright and blue eyes
what life choices
brought me here
to make this decision so dark

my head is feeling fine believe me, it’s not from lack of trying, oh tell me
what got you so dejected i almost forgot to stay protected in shadows
fair-weather freak in rare installments i got you boilerplate on all fronts
i’ve seen the flower you’re enfolding, from now you’ll be withholding

this is bar night
soon they’ll be overflowing
i might ask you
practice decline maneuvers
i feel a union
when you face me
it’s anti-plain
i’ve been telling myself it’s a lie

my mind is all made up too early, my lady doctor has assured me
i’ve got the notes that we can compare, whatever sickens you, i’ve been there
don’t get to say when we get together, get it together guess it’s for never
you stumble home in perfect calmness crumbling my parting promise
Track Name: Love and Death
i used to be afraid of heights
but now that i’m afraid of life
i’m going to go higher
i’m not going to beware the fire
so macho when you’re on the phone
i’m not sure what you do at home
could stamp your feet and lick it
the map can show you where to stick it

i only think about love and death
and where to get roof access
my legs are not broken yet
love has an app for that
it’s a hassle putting up with me
I’ve let it go to my head
but i think i would be harder dead

suck the lime out of the whole cocktail i’ve seen another of the finer features of the matter of the crockpot stew called being

there’s not a place where i belong
she’ll kick my ass and she’s not wrong
it made me feel so basic
so terrible that you can taste it
just so much that you can assume
life’s open house and room to room
give them another clapback (flapjack)
then pack your bags and hit the clambake

i only think about love and death
insult you under my breath
‘cause no one heard a word i said
love has a knack for that
it’s a hassle putting up with me
i’ve let it go to my head
no poetry in my blood shed

back on beans they hit the button on the paycheck scandal open up the envelope and underline the odd botch vowel
dead avocados on alamo special take the dog to get a doctor dog tag
Track Name: Troll Love
troll love
and the main idea of this love
is plain as a paperback
‘cause the object aglow with desire
is only a speculum
my central atoms growing cold
everything changes with you
unnatural bonds never hold
fat gem, how does it feel?
‘cause you make me feel like a troll in love

when you saw me under the bridge
you couldn’t help but look
no chance i would make you forget
but you could be first for once
you knew that i needled your eye
you could wrap me ‘round your throat
unravel without a goodbye
red bud, how did it feel?
‘cause you made me feel like a troll in love

gotta hand it to you precious
this prison amuses me
i’m a lifer regarding your love
am i in your memory?
a genuine cluster of scars
places we shared for a time
moments that weren’t even ours
dismantled as if by design
all that i had was a heart
and a knowledge of Norse timberline
but now that the hollow is sealed
mud sprite, how did it feel
‘cause you made me feel like a troll in love
Track Name: Payphone in the Commons
andy caught me in a
popular copy shop
can he connect the dots
to find a future killer

but with every step I feel a swaying mass like there’s an older me remembering
the light on aging stone
power’s going fizzy

today i met some people
some of them were nice to me
i should’ve got their names

there’s a special time when you’re working on a thing assigned
when you start to fool yourself
that there’s potential here
and not a trunk of bunk
let history bless it

for one week in october
the payphone in the commons
was my window to the world

i’m traveling round a curve
circling my good years
now the line is closed
let history bless it